Hydrate Life

VITA TECHNOLOGIES INC., a Washington State-based company evolving into a global water biophysics entity focusing on worldwide cost-effective nutritional health science applications for humans, animals and plants. The resulting quantum hydrating products continue demonstrating repeated successful biological outcomes.

Vita Technologies exists to research, develop and create novel quantum hydrating delivery systems. Read more about our mission.


Given the vast applications of our technology, we have designed a platform that will allow us to develop a vital eco-system of health products and solutions for sustainable agriculture.

Our unique technology utilizes extensive purification along with proprietary magnetic, laser and infrared technologies to alter the physical characteristics present in water, reducing the size of molecular formations. This makes it easier for water to pass through cell membranes, facilitating more rapid hydration and increased absorption of H20 and other nutritional components while also improving toxin elimination from deep inside of cells. Proprietary biophysics and processing, not harmful unhealthy chemicals, are used in the manufacture of our products.

Read more about our technology and our mission.

6+ Years developing our ultra-hydrating technology

1 Patent Pending
1 Audited Clinical Trial
1 Tissue Trial
1 Clinical Study

Global Research in US, Taiwan, Japan, India, France, Korea, China, Mexico, Africa and Canada


Water creativity

Focus on clean label

Specialized production and ingredient knowledge

Expertise in commercialization

Suite of services/capabilities

Cost Effective & flexible


Read more about our technology and our mission.