Our Ultra-Hydrating Technology

Vita’s Quantum Hydration technology encourages true balanced extracellular and intracellular hydration throughout the organism as hydration is meant to be. Our unique and measurable Quantum Hydration process optimizes both cellular and subcellular functions by improving quantum communication (i.e., quantum level optimization through controlled conditioning of nutritional components in an aqueous medium with appropriate levels of electromagnetic, photonic, acoustic and gravitational energy transferred throughout all cell systems.

We have developed our technology over 6+ years to a level that no one else has accomplished. Our work includes:

  • 1 Patent Pending
  • 1 Audited Clinical Trial
  • 1 Tissue Trial
  • 1 Clinical Study
  • Dozens of anecdotal studies
  • Global research in USA, Taiwan, Japan, India, France, Korea, China, Mexico, Africa and Canada