Product Summary

Vita Technologies Inc. (VTI), based in Irvine, California, is a bio-availability technology group developing and commercializing patented ultra-hydrating delivery systems that are nutritionally fortified for specific functionality (e.g., disease prevention, general health maintenance to food enhancement).  With its focus on nutrient delivery, VTI is an entirely new generation of company targeting specific receptors with molecularly amplified sub-micronized nutrients guaranteeing better absorption. VTI products currently range from thirst quenching functional beverages to many water based health and beauty science applications, including topical creams and nasal sprays.

We have all heard how one person achieves wellness by following a specific diet (e.g., copious amounts of vegetable juicing, steamed vegetables and grains, no refined sugars); and, another experiences no relief from the same health challenge yet adhering to the same diet. Some of us are aware of incidents where an individual was so sick they no longer responded to any drug treatment or nutritional therapy. Bioavailability is a primary variable in both examples and is a major determining factor as to whether or not health is regained and maintained.

VTI has successfully demonstrated in both a clinical trial and a tissue study, as well as through practical application in studies with Type II diabetics, that its core delivery technology significantly increases the bioavailability of delivered nutrients. In one isolated tissue study, we amplified the biological expression of a biomolecule by more than 20,000x. The Company’s technology results from 20 years of research, including a monitored human clinical trial and anecdotal studies encompassing over 15,000 participants worldwide. VTI is currently using a proprietary functional beverage in a metabolic syndrome clinical trial with 400 patients. The clinical trial is being conducted at a major stateside university.

Company intellectual property has positioned VTI for outstanding growth as a global leader in functional beverages, solid foods, and unlimited other products in numerous industries (e.g., disease prevention, medical science, agriculture, animal husbandry).

VTI has assembled a seasoned executive management team led by Lee Lorenzen, technology founder, who after two decades of research and development commercialized the ultra-hydration delivery system technologies in 1998. VTI products are being sold by retailers and distributors worldwide under our brand names and private labels.

VTI processes, delivery systems and product lines offer unlimited applications that have attracted interest from leading universities and companies including GlaxoSmithKline and are widely acclaimed by physicians and health experts. The Company’s advanced technology processes and clinical testing have shown encouraging results for enhanced cell hydration, nutrient absorption, metabolic efficiency, energy, performance and overall health.

As an example, tea which has long been known for its antioxidant, immunity boosting and anti-hypertensive properties may soon be used to control diabetes, according to a study in the Journal of Food Science. Researchers found polysaccharides in certain teas reduced absorption of glucose and free radicals which are believed to be a critical factor in the onset of diabetes, premature aging, rheumatoid arthritis and cancer. By utilizing proprietary VTI processes and delivery systems that significantly amplify biological expression of targeted biomolecules, increase and enhance the absorption of nutrients, vitamins, antioxidants and other ingredients in water, tea, milk, juices and other products the Company expects to develop, license and market new categories of premium brand functional foods and beverages.

A market overview is outlined later in this document, but it should be noted that U.S. processed food sales are estimated at $1 trillion, retail beverages are $552 billion and functional food sales are $40 billion annually. Supported by clinical studies, physicians and global health experts VTI processes offer far-reaching applications for these and other fast-growing markets. In order to adequately serve multiple segments, the Company is focusing in these fast-growth areas:

Ultra-Hydrating Beverages (enhanced absorption, hydration & health benefits)

Sports, Fitness & Energy Drinks (improved energy, nutrient absorption)

Functional Foods & Beverages (support for arthritis, diabetes & chronic illness)

There is no other patented stable water nutrient delivery system or process providing the benefits of VTI technology for which the Company is aware. For mature industries such as food and beverages, the fastest growth has occurred in companies that develop specialty niches, products or technologies representing innovations in the marketplace. Developing VTI technologies and leading-edge products to deliver water, nutrients and ingredients faster and more efficiently than ever before ensures the Company is poised for long-term growth and dynamic investment opportunities.